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bite sized chunks


You know those huge goals you’d love to reach someday? Maybe they include:

Fitness & health goals…

Businesses open…

Higher Education degrees….

Books written….

Marathons run…

A life of discipleship lived….

Places seen…

A strong marriage built…

Financial goals…

etc, etc.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I love setting goals and going for them. But my proclivity is to think about the end goals, and then want to accomplish all of them RIGHT NOW, TODAY by the end of the day!

Hah! Not possible, of course! But I want to anyway, and that leads to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Are you good at breaking your goals down into bite sized chunks?


The Marathon (12 days away!) was broken down for me by a specific training schedule. I have written my daily running goals on the calendar, and boom! Attainable, bite sized chunks…easy as pie! (Because I will have run 500 miles over the course of my 7 month training, I’m working to raise $500 for Compassion’s clean water fund…if you feel compelled to give $5 or throw in $26.20……or $79 to give a child clean drinking water for his or her whole life, here’s the link to check it out).

For other things, breaking down goals hasn’t been as easy. (Especially something as unpredictable as writing a book.)

Picture a funnel with a BIG jar underneath. This funnel is what you pour your energy and efforts into so that you can eventually fill your jar! (Jar full=Goal accomplished!) Funnels frustrate me…in cooking and in life, because patience isn’t my #1 virtue. Funnels don’t magically filter through stuff quickly when you’re in a hurry! They require patience, attention, and time. If you dump too much into the funnel at once, it overflows and makes a mess! (been there, done that.)


Today, I’m intentionally saying to myself :

“Deep breaths. One step at a time….bite sized chunks.”

I will not rush this life away! I will intentionally celebrate my smaller goals as they’re reached, and eventually accomplish the biggies. Specifically: Getting published.

I sometimes feel discouraged when people ask, “How is your book coming?” Because I want to be able to tell them I have a publishing contract! BUT it’s okay that the time has not yet come. I’m wearing more than one hat right now, and I want to enjoy every aspect of my journey through life, not just the day I reach my goal of being published. (Although that day will be magically magical!)

If you’re wondering about my book update…I’m currently refining my query…finishing and tightening my proposal (YAY!!!) and finishing the last 10% of the (typed) first draft of the book. It’s SOSOOO close I can almost taste it. The day I send out my first few query letters, will be a day that I celebrate. And I will undoubtedly share that celebration with you!

But for today, bite sized chunks. (That phrase makes me think of cookies, which are my favorite dessert ever. You can call me Mrs. Cookie Monster if you want.)


Which of your goals is most important? How have you broken it down for yourself?


Marathon Monday: I made it…and then I fell

Yes, my dear friends. I have finally hit the BEAUTIFUL stage of addiction where I can say that I love running.

Up until Thanksgiving, I pretty much had to MAKE myself run. It was not fun to start. It was not always fun to keep running…but there is a beautiful, addictive quality about running that you encounter when you stick with it long enough. And I can safely say I have hit that point!

On my “days off” this week I felt like I wanted to go run! Yes, I think I’m going to make it.

You can do anything you set your mind to! Just write it down and keep your goal in sight! This is what I see every single time I sit down at my desk:


Oh…did you say it’s Tuesday and not Monday? =) The picture you see below explains why Marathon Monday did not go up on Monday…because I had an invincible moment yesterday where I tried to fly. Seriously, what was I thinking? I tried to jump over our ottoman which blocks the bottom stair (so Annabelle won’t crawl up) to grab my phone cord to POST THIS PIC and I landed on my shin on a piece of wood and broke it in two. I clearly haven’t run hurdles since 2005. Embarrassing and probably one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. (Another shout out to my awesome neighbors who came over and rescued my screaming children, got me ice and ibuprofen and helped out until Kevin got home!) Kevin thought someone died by the texts I was sending…oops, sorry honey. I’ll be less dramatic next time. 🙂


I am SO THANKFUL it wasn’t broken!! Here’s to another week on the streets! (uh…I mean treadmill!) It still hurts pretty bad…the bruise is a good 6″x 3″ and my arm has some good ones too…but I should be okay to run right?