I definitely didn’t choose to be an expert on miscarriage like an OB or Reproductive Endocrinologist does, but my story involves a lot of miscarriage. SO by default, or as I like to say, because of a divine plan that I believe is far greater than my own, I’ve become somewhat of an expert on it.

The physical loss. The emotional emptiness. The spiritual ramifications.

Six of our little babies have gone to be with Jesus, each too early to cuddle, hold or even to bury.

Because of these losses, I’ve embarked on writing my first book. It’s called:

Bearing Hope: Navigating the Desert of Waiting for a Child

Click here for a free sample of the book!

For now, if you’re grieving the loss of a little one through miscarriage or are walking through infertility, here are a few of the blogs I have written on these topics:

Not A Mom Yet

The blog I wrote the night we found out about our first miscarriage.

Infertility: The Road More Traveled than You May Think

Crying In the Shower

Reminders and believing that it’s not our fault

Courage Dear Heart: Part 1 

Courage Dear Heart: Part 2

 Helping Someone you Love through their Miscarriage

Remembering Your Littles

Tears in my Coffee

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