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Trimming back and a little hi note!

Hey friends!

Two weeks, no see.

Isn’t it amazing how fast time can fly? I felt like I was chugging right along in a good life rhythm, plugging out a couple blogs a week and keeping the rest in balance and then BOOM! All of the sudden two weeks were gone and I was stretched too thin to think or write or breathe deeply.

Not. Good.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.43.01 PM

So, in addition to the simple living quest I’ve been writing about…I’m going to be letting go of a few things in effort to further this simplification thing. **This is not easy for me.** I hate cutting back, but I think it will help bring things back into balance so I can write more and sing more and take more deep breaths.

I’m a big fan of all three of those things.  🙂

In other news, what do you think about the new website/blog makeover?! Props to Lauren Brown, my web designer. Personally, I could cry with excitement (and maybe already have.) I’m feelin the pink and turquoise vibe.

Just a quick note to say hey! I haven’t forgotten about you! I am so grateful for each and every one of you readers and I hope to see much more of you in the coming months.

If you’d like to submit a God at Work Wednesday story, message me through the website with a little snipit of who you are and what you’d like to write about!

In the hope that goes on and on and on,


PS. Happy birthday to my sexier half!! (Am I allowed to say that?! Maybe that’s a little weird.) Happy Birthday to my more compassionate, patient, level-headed and freaking amazing half. Love you bae!


PS3. Apple pie=baked. Kitchen=sparkely. Bam.