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Well hi there, old friend!


Much to my dismay, Kevin and I didn’t get to take our annual “New Year’s Getaway” to plan and dream for 2016. That would be why you didn’t get an enthusiastic blog post full of !!!!!!!!! and confetti and Livspiration. It’s also why you didn’t get a memory post about the best of 2015. And I didn’t post a best nine because EMBARASSINGLY, two of my five selfies were in the best 9! Gross.

But what we did get to do these last three weeks, was pack our rhinocerously big house into boxes with three kids under the age of four. And then unpack it in a size half the space! Doesn’t that sound like fun!? (you can read about our operation downsize here)

My answer is YES! IT WAS SO FUN!

Why? Because two years after deciding we didn’t love our big house anymore, we finally sold it! Ideal timing to move a week after Christmas? Not in my opinion. How about moving in the dead of winter? Suck. How about finding a house in three days when pretty much everything is pulled off of the market? Slim chance.

But once again God’s timing was ridiculously better than ours.

We are OBSESSED WITH OUR NEW HOUSE! Christmas was still sweet and magical. Our moving day was like 40 degrees and sunny. And God’s hand has been on every-stinkin-thing-else.

I was worried my heart would hurt. That I would fear we were making the wrong decision. (add a kid, shrink a house? Seems confusing.) That I might be so sad to say goodbye to the house we brought our second and third babies home to. But those worries never bloomed.

We were shocked at how peaceful our hearts felt through the whole thing. My stress levels probably never got over an 8 (on a 10 point scale…and that was on moving day when I realized I forgot my kids at preschool….30 minutes late and still working on forgiving myself). In fact, this whole last month our stress hasn’t even gone over a 3-4! How is that even possible?!?

I think it’s possible because:

  1. God. “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”” -Matthew 19:6
    “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” -Genesis 18:14


2. Our people. You know who you are:

  • You bubble wrapped wine glasses.
  • You helped us cleanse.
  • You watched our babies.
  • You fed our grumbling tummies.
  • You brought us coffee.
  • You lent us your trucks and muscles and elbow grease.
  • You encouraged us not to give up…to keep waiting…to follow God’s prompting to downsize even when the rest of the people cocked their heads and said “huh?”
  • You hung out with our kids at the preschool until we finally remembered that we have to pick them up, even on moving day.

I’m utterly speechless about how amazing you actually are. Words just don’t do justice. So I’m going to take you all to Hawaii with all this extra money from the downsize. 😀 Okay, you know I would if I could.

Thank you for all of your encouragement and your love. To say I’m humbled by this move and what God is doing in our hearts is inadequate.

(and to say I’m thrilled about our new back yard being flat, awesome, and a harbor to a hot tub is also inadequate.)

Dream session 2016 might have to happen in the hot tub. ❤

Do what you love and love what you do, it’s your life. Have an amazing weekend!



Friday Favorites: New Music

Sometimes you hear a great song for the first time and you’re like “YES!!! THIS IS SO GOOD.” And you just know that it’s going to become a go-to. It’ll sneak its catchy little way into your running playlist and your chillin’ playlist and your holy yoga playlist and your Sunday afternoon drive playlist. Some songs are just that good.

Even with a playlist full of amazing songs though, you can get sick of your music because you’ve heard it a bagillion times.

New music is refreshing…so take a sec and clean up your playlists. Add new songs & take off the stale ones. Don’t have money? Use Spotify, it’s free and flippin awesome. (It’s ten bucks a month to get it on your phone –totes worth it.)

Here we go =) These are the songs that make me jam out like a fool, stretch my stride and make me want to dance or worship Jesus like a crazy person. Some are old and you will know them, hopefully some will be new for you!

10 Awesome Workout Songs

1. Grenade — Bruno Mars

2. Roar — Katy Perry

3. Hey, Soul Sister — Train

4. Some Nights  — FUN

5. Best I Ever Had — Gavin DeGraw


7. Defying Gravity — Wicked

8. Girl on Fire — Alicia Keys

9. Do You Remember — Jay Sean, Sean Paul

10. We Have Overcome- Israel & New Breed


Flashback Friday--Out for a run last fall!
Flashback Friday — Out for a run last fall 🙂

5 Fun Songs

1. Good Life — OneRepublic

2. Happy — Natasha Bedingfield

3. Best Day of My Life — American Authors

4. Royals — Lorde

5. Good Morning — Chamillionaire

Because what's not fun about OJ?
Because what’s not fun about Jammies and OJ?

6 Sweet Chillin’ Songs

1. Tapestry — Hillsong United

2. Daisies and Pews — Katie Herzig

3. Free Fallin’ — John Mayer style (ahh)

4. Back to the Earth — Jason Mraz

5. Stick Around — David Ramirez

Chillin' with daddy
Chillin’ with daddy

10 Fav Worship Songs

1. Your Love — Shane & Shane

2. The Lord Our God — Featuring Kristian Stanfill, Passion

3. Your Glory/Nothing But The Blood — All Sons & Daughters

4. Desert Soul — Rend Collective

5.  Joy Will Come — Desperation Band

6.  All Things New — Elevation Worship

7. I Exalt Thee-Chris Quilala Version — Jesus Culture (not on Spotify, but is on itunes)

8. I’m a Lover of Your Presence — Bryan & Katie Torwalt (not on Spotify but is on itunes)

9. Embracing Accusation- Shane & Shane (you have to listen to the words on this one…the whole song)

10. Messiah/You’re Beautiful — Phil Wickham


Leave me a few of your favorites in the comments too! I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for new jams.

Peace out guys…have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites…Summer Style


Friday Favorites


-Being beckoned awake by the rising sun

-Sun streaming through the trees

Olivia Ryan Favorites-0016

-Sitting outside with a glass of wine

-Painted toenails in sandals

-Seeing my babies in swimming suits

-Pools and sprinklers

Swimsuit collage

-Trampoline jumping

-Iced Coffee

-Thunderstorms & snuggles

-The fresh fragrance a good rain leaves behind

-Rainbows and flowers

-Meeting new friends at the park

-Sundresses and maxi skirts

-Summer roadtrips

-Pink Lemonade Tropical Snow

-More excuses for Whitey’s Ice Cream

-Buns, buns buns. Messy and high buns. 😀

summer buns

Happy summer. It is a happy summer.

Friday Favorites

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a fan of alliteration.

I will award some favs today because everyone loves a good recommendation! Plus, I wanted to lighten things up around here.

Friday Favorites

Favorite YA Book: Daniel’s Story by Carol Matas (Great WWII book for kids in 4-6th grade)

Favorite Fiction Book: A Broken Kind of Beautiful by Katie Ganshert (just finished it last night and I was all happy weepy)

Favorite Author (male): Jon Gordon – So inspiring and easy to read!

Favorite Author (female): SARK aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy – She’s a visionary!

Favorite Person: Kevin … my hubs of (almost) 6 years!

Favorite Babies: Coleton Samuel (2) and Annabelle Hope (1) …wow that one was tough ;o)

Favorite Movie: 3 way tie between Legally Blonde, Mulan, and Goodwill Hunting..but what about Frozen & X Men, …ahh! So many good movies. I like movies.

Favorite Restaurant in the QCA: Red Crow Grill

Favorite City: Paris (Chicago is a close second!)

Favorite Restaurant in Chicago: Grand Luxe Cafe (beignets please!!)

Favorite Vacation Spot: Disney World with the kiddos, Europe with my man (I can hardly let myself think about it or I start checking flights!)

Favorite Snack: Chocolate Chip Cookies (I have a ravenous sweet tooth!)

Favorite Fruit: Honeydew

Favorite Season: Fall but really all the non-winter ones ;o)

Favorite Starbys Drink: Green Tea Frappuchino

Favorite food: Pizza!

Now I’m in a great mood for my Friday hangout day with the babes! I work Mon-Thurs and then Friday we do fun things. ❤ Cheers to that!

Friday Favs one