1) Me

Jesus is the center of my heart and soul. He is holding me with a steadfast hand, and I am clinging on with dear life. I have an amazing hubby and the sweetest little boy Coleton Samuel(which makes sense because he was born on Valentine’s day.) Adoption has blessed our lives. We lost 6 tiny babies to miscarriages, and then we carried a miracle little girl to full term. She was born at 40 weeks exactly and her name is Annabelle Hope. I love those little bebe’s a RIDICULOUS amount. Sometimes I stare at them while they sleep. (creepster, I know.)


Traveling is my favorite expensive hobby. Writing is my outlet and my ministry. I like to jump on trampolines and laugh til I feel the ab workout has been adequate. I am known for eating entire boxes of Fruit-by-the-feet (foots?) in one sitting. I am a regular at the dentist (unfortunately, but obviously). I am a former pet-hater who thought becoming a mommy would make my every dream come true.


Turns out, God is the only source of true satisfaction.


I want to share my story of pain and loss with the millions of women who fight battles with infertility, miscarriage, child loss and failed adoption every single day.

My favorite indulgences are Whitey’s shakes, “Pedi’s” (Check out Angela Johnson-Comedian), hot yoga, holy yoga, reading fiction books cover to cover, getting hilights and lowlights at the same time (whoa), macaroons in Paris, kissing my husband at every opportunity, baby snuggles and kisses, Pinterest, Bubble Tea from real Asian restaurants, biscotti & latte & writing afternoons, emotional worship sessions on my yoga mat and in song, Broadway Musicals, and pizza in Florence.

I wish so desperately that I was crafty and interior-designy, but I am me. Free-spirited, usually scatterbrained and running late me. I am the girl God carefully crafted me to be in His image, and he has done some major work in my heart to bring me to a place of loving myself too. I love God. He is seriously my savior. Stay tuned for more on that…

1 thought on “1) Me

  1. Olivia. It’s your cousin Amy !! I have shared your blog with several friends. You are Sooo special. I wish you lived closer. Let me know your email and I’ll keep in touch. Your Mommie and your glamor are coming in 12 days!!!!!πŸ‘­πŸ™πŸ’“πŸŽ‰. Blessings. Amy

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