Invention Series Part 3: the secret delivery box

It’s built into the wall. Invisible to baby and onlookers, but opens when you need it and works similarly to a bank tubey-shooty-thing…

I would send passies. I would send blankies. I would send a bottle. And maybe the occasional snack.

I’m all for baby snuggles, but you know how sometimes your baby is almost asleep and then she loses her favorite little passie device? But you going in there results in her jumping up and down cribside, excited that you might be getting her out? (even when she is super tired and needs the nap…)

This. happens. all. the. time.

I call this invention the passie/blankie delivery service, aka

secret delivery box

It’s also fun to send books and toys to surprise baby with fun activities if he or she is up way earlier than you would like to get him or her out of the crib. You can also use it for when your kid grows up, like when they’re hardcore grounded. You can send them bread and water, and they can send you their completed essay on why they shouldn’t drink or do whatever they were grounded for.

Yeah. Someone needs to start building this into walls. ❤

Thanks in advance.


One thought on “Invention Series Part 3: the secret delivery box

  1. Yes! Invent this! I’m not even a mom… but I can SO SEE why this would be helpful. You invent it and Jeff can test it in our wall since he loves putting holes into our wall 🙂 (functional ones of course!)

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