Transformation Tuesday: The Early to Rise Challenge, a review

WOW. The last week has been life changing for me….hence the new Tuesday tagline: Transformation Tuesday. 🙂

Last week I read a book called the Early to Rise Experience. (I call it the Early to Rise Challenge). If you know me, you know I am easily inspired, easily convinced and VERY easily excited :). I don’t even remember how I came across this book, but I bought it impulsively on Amazon. I would like to say: it is ridiculously awesome to think about how $10 spent on the right book can change someone’s life. (especially to an aspiring Non-fiction author)


THIS BOOK HAS BEEN MY TICKET TO A BREAKTHROUGH! Maybe you aren’t a morning person and have serious doubts that you could ever become one. The author himself is a self-proclaimed NON MORNING PERSON! It’s not about that people! It’s about…you’ve heard it a million times…creating a habit. I have only been waking up pre-6am for a week and my body is already waking me up before my alarm! (Your alarm clock=your friend Fred who wants to help you have a better life, p55).

I have been waking up anywhere in the window of 5:10am-5:45am and using the hour or two before the kids wake up for a few glorious things.

1) Drinking my coffee while it’s still hot–Need I say more?

2) Spending time with God —Doing a devo and journaling my prayers is the way I ALWAYS want my days to begin. Humbled…prayed up…and with my focus set on the right things. I am no longer being JERKED out of bed and taken ahold of by my day…leaving patience hiding beneath the covers.

3) Writing — Who knew that my brain was so alive and creative pre-sunrise?! Sleeping me did not know. Awake me is loving it. I brainstormed 29 new blog topics this morning!!! Usually I’m so overwhelmed by all the things I should or could be doing that I’m unable to find clear thoughts to pen, or worse yet…never finding the time at all. But before the world wakes, before the sun rises and the world (aka the family) wakes, my idea bucket brims and time to write abounds. I think I might actually finish my first book at some point soon…eek!

4) Running — On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have short(er) runs, so I have plenty of time to accomplish them on the treadmill before the kids wake up. Score! This leaves the whole rest of the morning for me to hang out with my lovies and practice words and walking! (Pre-caffinated–the best way.)

If you don’t feel like you have enough time to get everything done that you want to do (namely, things that matter), I strongly urge you to give this challenge a shot.

I resisted waking up early for a long time. I made a lot of excuses. “I have babies.” “I don’t get enough time with Kevin at night.” “Blah-dee-blah-dee-blah.”

If I can do it, you can do it. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

4 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday: The Early to Rise Challenge, a review

  1. You’ve inspired me. I’m the most pathetic morning person ever. I CANNOT ever get out of bed no matter what I try. I’m going to buy the book!

    1. Abby, I hope you like the book. If you don’t I’ll give you your money back. Seriously! Good luck! Don’t forget to sign up for the email encouragement and the audio edition. Lots of people prefer to listen to the daily passages vs. read them.

    1. Katy, she’s likely using a free writing exercise. I talk about it in the book I think but there’s a GREAT book about free writing called Accidental Genius by Mark Levy. It’s the best book I’ve ever read to help me write more volume and shut off my filter that keeps me from writing honest words.

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