Marathon Monday: GU, Partner Runs, and Power Playlists

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve posted a Marathon Monday update, but don’t worry, I’m still running! (I know it was keeping you up at night 🙂

I am totally in shock that I have stayed mostly on track! I’ll say it again: I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD DO THIS MARATHON THING! Granted, I haven’t done it yet, but I‘m encouraged. I keep meeting friends who have totally rocked out a marathon in their lifetime and they’re full of wisdom and encouragement.


Mostly, I’m in shock at the human body and its ability to stretch its own limits. It’s all about consistency, habits and dedication (even when its sacrificial). This goes for anything else in life: growing in your faith, getting more flexible, reading more, writing more…etc. I’m inspired to keep on as I experience dramatic improvements.

I’ve fallen a little short on the cross training workouts (the day after my long runs), and I missed one run last week–but for the most part I have stayed on track with the training, which is about to kick into high gear with each of the runs getting longer. I’m thankful that I gave my body the extra rest day last weekI cant seem to kill the myriad of viruses preying on my weak immune system. BOO! But the extra day off gave me a little boost to get through the long weekend.
My mom and sisters came into town on Friday to watch the babes while Kevin and I spent our weekend at WINTER JAM! (An awesome high school youth group event at the church.) It was super awesome and life giving, despite the little sleep and extreme amounts of energy expended. 😉

The Winter Jam event left me wondering how I could squeeze in my 13 miler. Getting up at like 5am to run didn’t sound ultra appealing after staying up til 1:30 with the girls, so I decided to run on Sunday afternoon instead of my usual Saturday morning long run. It worked out because the sun actually peeked its big bright head out of the clouds to smile down on me. 🙂 (not the whole time, but for a little bit.)

I was hoping to sign up for a half marathon at some point along my training schedule, but Midwest winters are disgusting and awful so no one plans races. Makes sense I guess, so Vanderveer Park it was!

The great news about this 13 miler was that MY SISTER WAS IN TOWN TO RUN IT WITH ME! I knew that it was nice to have a partner to run with, but since I have mostly been training alone…IT MADE A WAAAYYYYYYY bigger difference than I expected! It wasn’t a total and complete walk in the park, but it really was fun. We talked and ran together for the first 11.5 miles, GU’d up together around mile 9, and then the last 1.5 miles we split up and listened to some power music to finish at our own paces.  (*See power playlist and GU flavor recommendation below 😉 


To celebrate, we drove through Coffee Hound on Brady for some hot cocoa since our internal temps were not in a healthy zone. It got COLD. And windy. And for the second time in this training season, I got some serious wind burn! But hey! We survived…and we’re both so glad we got that sucker out of the way because it snowed like 6 inches today. Barf.


Top 5 power songs:

1. Defying Gravity –yep, never gets old 😉

 2. Brave by Sarah Barilles

 3. Good Morning by Chamillionaire

 4. Overcomer by Mandisa

 5. God is Able by Hillsong live

**I highly recommend vanilla GU during a cold run, but not so much when you’re hot. It’s the only one I’ve been brave enough to try. Which other flavors do you like? (“Like” being a relative term)

10 weeks til race day….AHHHHH!!!!!!

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