Monthly Archives: December 2013

Overwhelmed anyone?

Sometimes I go from “totally good” to “SUPER OVERWHELMED!” in about 10 seconds. Anyone else?

I have so many goals that I feel like are really important and I want to accomplish them all at once.

The most exciting one for me is writing…but this entails more than just finishing my book. In a perfect world, I would be blogging 3+ times/week, speaking, reading and commenting on agent’s and author’s blogs, submitting proposals, meeting with women to talk through their stories and publishing some articles on the side. Um, how do I decide how those precious 1-2 hours each day will be spent?! How do I even prioritize them?!

I’m excited about running too, but time is precious and I’m nervous about the time commitment getting more intense as the marathon gets closer. It doesn’t help that I am clutzy and I get unexpected injuries when I try to jump hurdles in the house.

Then there’s the babes. I love them SO SO much…so between naptimes, working for Kev/writing (15 hours/wk), youth group, and date nights…I MISS THEM! I’ve heard it said before “I love them so much I could just eat them.” That’s pretty much how I feel. (especially when they’re being sweet….like in this pic 🙂

I always want to be spending more time with the Lord…and I don’t want to see this pushed to the bottom of the priority list either.


Authors/writers/speakers….I am equally impressed and perplexed by your dedication and accomplishment! HOW DO YOU DO IT?!

Oh, I think I’m also supposed to be Christmas shopping for 25 people?! And cleaning…cooking dinner? HAHAHA.

Just feeling a little overwhelmed by the world today, especially because it’s one of those days where the babes are taking turns waking each other up. NOT. COOL.

I think I need some holy yoga and deeper breathing in my life.


Marathon Monday: I made it…and then I fell

Yes, my dear friends. I have finally hit the BEAUTIFUL stage of addiction where I can say that I love running.

Up until Thanksgiving, I pretty much had to MAKE myself run. It was not fun to start. It was not always fun to keep running…but there is a beautiful, addictive quality about running that you encounter when you stick with it long enough. And I can safely say I have hit that point!

On my “days off” this week I felt like I wanted to go run! Yes, I think I’m going to make it.

You can do anything you set your mind to! Just write it down and keep your goal in sight! This is what I see every single time I sit down at my desk:


Oh…did you say it’s Tuesday and not Monday? =) The picture you see below explains why Marathon Monday did not go up on Monday…because I had an invincible moment yesterday where I tried to fly. Seriously, what was I thinking? I tried to jump over our ottoman which blocks the bottom stair (so Annabelle won’t crawl up) to grab my phone cord to POST THIS PIC and I landed on my shin on a piece of wood and broke it in two. I clearly haven’t run hurdles since 2005. Embarrassing and probably one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. (Another shout out to my awesome neighbors who came over and rescued my screaming children, got me ice and ibuprofen and helped out until Kevin got home!) Kevin thought someone died by the texts I was sending…oops, sorry honey. I’ll be less dramatic next time. 🙂


I am SO THANKFUL it wasn’t broken!! Here’s to another week on the streets! (uh…I mean treadmill!) It still hurts pretty bad…the bruise is a good 6″x 3″ and my arm has some good ones too…but I should be okay to run right?