Invention Series Part II: The SMART FRIDGE

“Hello, welcome to your local appliance superstore. Let me introduce you to ‘SMIDGE’, our newest SMART FRIDGE.

-She keeps you on track for your water drinking goals, by reminding you vocally every two hours to drink your 8oz.

-She recognizes when leftovers have started growing bacteria, and disposes of them for you, leaving the bowl in a “clean dishes” side compartment. (Her most far-fetched and highly sought after quality!)

-She has a special awesome-looking beverage compartment for entertaining, and she has speakers that play music based on your mood.

-She also has a wine decanting dispenser next to the water dispenser, of course there is a fingerprint security sensor and quantity-tracking device so you can be sure no one is sneaking wine. 😉

-And to top it all off, the interior is self-cleaning as is her stainless steel exterior.

Smidge can be yours for the low price of…priceless!”

Samsung Side by Side Refrigerators are incredible units, with awesome features like LCD wifi touchscreens

Done. I’ll take 2.


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