Marathon Monday

I HAVE ALWAYS...(Always as in…since I got to college and was inspired-to-the-core by my spunky, GORGEOUS, incredible holy yoga instructor who taught Zumba, yoga, and ran a marathon while raising 4 girls)





It scares the pants off of me to say it out loud, especially on such a public forum as this, but I figure I can use all the help I can get.

I am running a marathon. (I’ve done three half marathons, and each time at the finish line I said while gasping for air, “I could never do a full.” It’s time now for me to forget those moments and say buh-bye to my negative self-talk.)

Accountability stinking works. So here is what I have in place to keep me from wussing out:

1) The whole world knows. I’m telling everyone so they can send me prayer, positive vibes, energy blocks, and lulu running gear (HA! jk to the lulu gear…sorta).

2) I signed up and paid for the race. I used my beloved slush fund to purchase an “early bird” ticket to the race. April 26th, Nashville Tennessee. Here I come!!

3) I signed up to raise $500 for Team Compassion, specifically their clean water initiative.


Can you believe that with incredible amount of wealth and waste we existing in the US, there are still thousands of kids who die every day from diseases caused by dirty drinking water? This stat makes me sick to my tummy. For $79 you can provide a child clean drinking water for LIFE. Would you consider giving a gift in someone’s name as their Christmas gift? Maybe you could donate a third of that, $26.2 to represent the 26.2 miles that I’ll be running on April 26th. No pressure, but definitely consider it. You can give here toward my goal. I’m hoping to blow my $500 goal “out of the water” ;o)

I’m reserving Mondays as a day to blog about my running progress. We’ll call it Marathon Monday.

So far in my training for this race, my longest long run was 4.5 miles. It isn’t much yet, but it’s the most I’ve run in a year and a half and it felt AMAZING. (no redbull required…just some awesome neighbors who blessed me by watching the kids while Kev was at a conference so I could run stroller-free!)

I know that finish line will be glorious…but for now, here is to another week hitting the road!

Image(7 weeks down…23 to go! Hal Higdon is walking me through the 30 week NOVICE supreme plan)


Any encouragement or advice you have to offer would be MUCHO welcomed! (And don’t forget to visit my Compassion race website!)


(I saw this deer on my first training run this year, and then I saw another huge, gorgeous deer on my coldest training run yet. It was 15 degrees out.)


One thought on “Marathon Monday

  1. Congratulations, Liv! Having just run my first marathon on 10/27/13 (Marine Corps) with Team-in-Training, I can’t tell you how exciting and rewarding it will be to cross that finish line. Signing up may be the most nerve-wracking part (I second-guessed myself all through training!), but I’ll share some of the things that I learned over the past 6 months, which held me in good stead:

    1) After signing up, training is the hardest part – I didn’t believe this when I first heard it, but it’s the commitment to putting the hours in week-by-week, a little at a time, past work/life stress, illness, and injury that pays off! If you stick to it, you will finish, and finish well. In comparison, the marathon itself will be the icing on the cake :). If you don’t have a team, I highly recommend a running buddy. Running may be an individual sport, but if you’re not in it to break a record or win a title, a friend can make all the difference on a 3-hour training run, where your legs cramp up and you need someone to follow back to your car or driveway. (Plus, multi-hour runs can be very lonely).

    2) Listen to your body – being a yoga instructor, you probably know this better than the average Joe, but really pay attention to your limits. One of my coaches was really great about asking me to name my pain threshold after I rolled my ankle. Was my ankle pain at 50%? 60%? If it got to above a certain point, I had to call it a day and only do 6 or 7 miles (yes, it will become ‘only 6-7 miles’). Pushing yourself beyond the limit for short gain may make it more difficult to get back out there the next week. Slow and steady wins the race!

    3) Find your fuel balance – unlike half marathons where you can go without eating (and often without extra hydration), marathons require extra fuel and water. If you’re as hesitant as I was to try new things, start small on your longer runs. Handful of pretzels with peanut butter, a GU or shot block. You’ll learn quickly what makes you feel good or sick, what boosts energy or what drains you, what creates instant port-a-potty urges, and how much to take-in. If you can, find a friend or coach with experience who can trust to give advice on your personal diet. It really is as important as the running itself.

    4) Lean in to your reason for running – training for something bigger and more important than yourself gives you freedom to enjoy the process, which also helps with

    5) Don’t compare yourself or pass judgment! Self-deprecation is not allowed, drains too much energy and kills motivation. You will hurt some days and feels great on others. Celebrate the good runs and let the other ones go. No individual run negates the steady preparation over the coming weeks. Everyone misses a training run here and there; life happens. Don’t let that deter you! (I had to take 3 weeks off due to injury) Slow and steady :).

    Finally, embrace the fact that people will think you’re crazy (and you kinda are), that KT Tape and chocolate milk are awesome(!), that you will regularly be humbled by the support of your amazing husband and running mates (without whom you would not finish), and that once you cross the starting line of the race, you will officially become a MARATHONER!!

    Godspeed, Olivia, and enjoy the journey!

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