Snitch: A Review

Kev and I are always looking for a good movie or musical to watch. 🙂 I think it’s mostly because we don’t have time for getting into a TV series, plus we like the finality that a movie offers.

Movies that we pick usually have to match this criteria:

-Not Rated R (usually too crude, too sexual, or too violent…we were always left wondering why we watched it. So now we just don’t go there)

-Either action, adventure, romantic comedy, documentary (my fav) or drama if we have heard it’s good. We’re just not into horror, scary or independent films.

-Less than 2.5 hours. Preferably much less (of course it depends on how much time we have before 11pm and we turn into cranky zombies. Okay, that’s me not Kev)

SO, based on that criteria, I rented us a movie to accompany our pizza and candy for Halloween evening 2013. 

I am proud to say that the movie Snitch was a win.

**Of the two of us, I am known for being the bad movie picker. I usually read the back (which makes it sound INCREDIBLE) and pick some off the wall weird low-budget or just obscure movie that we both hate and suffer most of the way through before we realize it just isn’t going to get better. I try to pick “mainstream” movies but it turns out I’m just not up on pop culture and fail about 50% of the time.

But last night it wasn’t a fail! I am so proud to announce that we have a new movie to add to the “great” list. Snitch was definitely on the intense side, but appropriately so because it was Halloween!

The first 2/3 of the movie was SO intense I wasn’t sure I was going to give it a rave review. Like, My heart was literally beating at 130 bpm! I kept turning to Kevin to say, “Please calm me down! I don’t like this at all!” It’s just funny how you can watch movies where tons of people get killed and you’re like “oh that’s sad,” but when you get to know the characters, you just want their lives to be good and happy again!

Gosh, this movie seriously pulls hard on your heartstrings. Without giving too much away, the premise is that a kid gets set up by his drug using/selling friend so that the friend gets a lesser prison sentence. The high school kid goes to prison but refuses to set other people up (like he was) to reduce his sentence length. But his parents and you as a viewer are just SICK about this because he is looking at a MINIMUM prison stay of 10 years, and maximum of 30.

His awesome dad (the Rock) is determined to redeem what had been done to his son, and goes to craaaaazzy lengths to do this. He pesters the US Attorney to allow him to catch other drug dealers so that his son can go free.

It’s just this beautiful picture of a father’s crazy huge love for his son. Always incredibly powerful and moving! (also, they say it’s based on a true story. It seems like Hollywood HAD to embellish it like crazy….big surprise! If they didn’t, that dude in real life is a STUD.)

Unlike books, movies rarely move me on a deeper level to fall in love or emotionally connect with the characters. But this movie was different! You love the characters from the start and it’s just intense and awesome.

Those are the two words I’d give to this movie. You should watch it, but make sure you take your high blood pressure medication first.

*Also recommended is a snuggly blanket, buddy and/or glass of wine.

Enjoy…and then let me know what you think!





















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