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There’s OH so much to sing about.

I haven’t had much time to read in general since Coleton came along, or maybe I just haven’t made the time to read, if you know what I mean. BUT, when I realized that a woman from our very church had published a book, I was really excited so I went to Barnes and Noble to buy the book 🙂

It’s called Wildflowers from Winterby Katie Ganshert (cutest author momma ever) and I just finished it this afternoon! I thought I’d give a little review because this book brought me to tears.

It’s Christian fiction, which I haven’t read much of, but I REALLY liked it!! It had a romance plot line, which is always wonderful and makes you feel happy inside. =) It wasn’t contrived either. It had some really realistic broken relationship issues between a girl and her mother (mmm momma drama) and some heavy baggage that this girl carries because of her past with church and family life. It included a ton of real life issues: heaven and hell, friendship, suicide, miscarriage, job loss, death of a spouse, intense loss and grief, new life (birth) and like I mentioned, unexpected romance.

On a side note for local (QC) readers, it’s SUPER fun to read because it mentions the Mississippi River, Alcoa, and John Deere! um…I know it’s my personality to get excited over little things, but I got excited because I have been to those places! Helps you paint the picture of this town in your mind.

My favorite character in the book is a guy who used to be angry with God, but God has softened his heart and renewed his faith. Besides the fact that he’s a super handsome, hunk of a farm boy, he’s the guy who drops lines that are just TRUE and hit you where you need to hear them. My favorite line, and the one that resonated with me (so much that I went searching for it after I was done reading the book) comes in the context of this section:

“She’s trying,” she said.

“She doesn’t sing in church anymore.”

“Maybe she realizes there’s nothing to sing about.”

Evan cocked his head, his stare reminding her of Storm’s. He didn’t just look at her, he looked through her-inside her-and whatever he found seemed to make him sad.

She stiffened. “What?”

He stepped closer and stared so intently that for a second, she thought he might reach out and touch her cheek. “Someday, Bethany, I hope you find out that you’re wrong. There’s so much to sing about.

I just want to encourage you today, that there is so much to sing about. Even when you don’t feel like it in the midst of your pain, because I’ve so been there, there is still so much to sing about. Let your guard down. Go find a new worship song that expresses how you’re feeling…go read a book (or better yet, read the story of Jesus in one of the gospels)…go on a thankful walk…take 5 minutes to journal or freewrite. Go do something that engages and ignites your heart to

SING and LIVE FULLY and BE FREE today.

Much love,


Dream Writing

I was selected a couple weeks ago to start writing for the Quad City Moms Blog and I’m super excited!! My first post is coming up in a couple weeks, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to write about. (Don’t want to get too intense but want to tell who I am and where I’m coming from a little bit!) SO, now that I’m pregnant…I get up to go to the bathroom about 2 times per night of sleep. Yeah, it’s awesome. (not).

Anyway, last night was not the first time that I woke up with some great writing ideas…and specifically last night it was an awesome intro idea for my first QCMB blog! I was so excited that I was being productive in my sleep, and almost took the effort to get a pen and paper and write it down…buuuut…that middle of the night haziness took over and I went back to sleep, positive that I would remember what I was thinking because it was **crystal clear** at the time.

Dang it. I don’t remember a thing. Is this always the case with dream ideas? Yes. Yes it is. Writing it down is the ONLY way to remember!! Let’s just hope it was a really dumb idea and wasn’t worth remembering anyway. *sigh*

Now when is my new IMac going to get here so I can really start having some blogging fun?! Or maybe I should go take a nap and get those good ideas flowing again 🙂