Sweet Spot


There have been so many hard times in the last 2.5 years for us. So many losses and heartbreaks, in a deep intimate way. Hurts that shook my foundation and belief system. Hurts that gave me reasons to cry in the shower, cry out to God, and just cry. 

Obviously, those 2.5 years weren’t LADEN with only bad. There were good things too, like friends getting married and having babies. Like getting our wonderful house and making it into a home. Like getting our sweet puppy dog and seeing some really beautiful places in Europe with my love.

But I am just excited to say that I feel like I am in a sweet spot of life, and I don’t want to miss it. Sweet cuddles. Sweet family. Sweet Summer is here….SUNSHINE, cookouts with friends, farmers markets and iced coffees. Sweet baby sounds and smells. Sweet baby that I get excited EVERY MORNING to get our of his crib 🙂 Sweet husband that I’m so thankful to fall asleep next to every night. 

I recently found the final paper that I wrote at the end of my Theology degree at St. Ambrose, and it was on the Covenant relationship of marriage. Words can’t explain or express the joy and fulfillment that a true covenantal marriage brings, and I feel like God has graciously given us a marriage built on a covenant promise. Highs and lows in the last almost 4 years of marriage have brought us closer than I ever thought a human relationship possible. (OBV, we are not even close to perfect, but we are learning and it’s so freaking fun.) Forgiveness is present, and we give it generously. I love my husband. (And the Mother’s day card he gave me last Sunday…geez, talk about making a woman choke up.) 

My little sis recently moved in with us for an internship in the QCA this summer, and she is generously and happily spending lots of time little Coleton, which provides us not only date nights but helps me feel like our family is getting to know the joy that this amazing baby brings. 🙂 I’m excited to get closer to her over the summer. 

Life is good, and I hope even in the midst of hurts you can find some serious sweetness this summer. Don’t miss out on the sweet spots in your life. 



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