Missing my Ford Focus :)

So the day before our precious baby was born, we gave into something many many American families do before they welcome home a new family member. We bought an SUV.

Okay, so it wasn’t THAT impulsive of a decision. 🙂 If you knew my husband, you would know he would never allow something so spontaneous to happen. Thank God I married someone level-headed! We had been looking and thinking about buying an SUV for a few months, and we decided to make the leap just in time for baby Coleton.

If you know me well, you probably know that the Ford Edge has been my dream car since they came out about five years ago. When I told Kevin’s cousin about my dream car he laughed and said, “I think you can make that dream come true.” 🙂 This made me happy, because I realized that he was probably right!

Kevin and I used to go test drive cars and take pictures of ourselves in them (me in the Ford Edge and Kev in a Mercedes)…a little something Jack Canfield recommends when he talks about vision-casting and dreaming. We would just enjoy the smell and touch and feel of these fun and “fancy” cars. Very fancy for our college budgets.

It was definitely a bucket list moment when I was handed the keys to this beautiful navy blue sparkling beast of a vehicle (compared to my little Ford Focus.) And I loved it. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it! I have a thing with my cars. I seriously think we build relationships with our cars! I mean, you spend lots of time in it, right? Anyone else feel me?

Although I’m working on my relationship with the Edge, I just want to give a shout out to my little Ford Focus.

Dear baby red,

Oh how I miss you, little zippy car, and your 30 mpg. You are so darn efficient. You are so cheap to fill up with gas. You’re the definition of unpretentious. 


  1. Not attempting to impress others with an appearance of greater importance, talent, or culture than is actually possessed.
  2. (of a place) Pleasantly simple and functional; modest.

I like that about you. I feel so compact and practical driving you. But, you had to go. You weren’t big enough for me to feel safe driving our baby in. You also don’t fit the pack and play and other baby paraphanalia as well as your big brother Edge. SO, thanks for all the good times. But please know how much I still miss you!!  


Olivia (Your most faithful and favorite owner.)

To fill you in, Kevin has been driving the Ford Focus because we sold his Mitsubishi. He does not love it as much as I did. Does someone want to love and care for this sweet little car? It got some minor damage two weeks ago when he was rear ended, so we’re selling it cheap. Here is the Craigslist link. http://quadcities.craigslist.org/cto/2978327279.html 😦 Bye bye, baby red.


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