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The BRAND NEW man in my life

ImageSO this is the day. Coleton Samuel Ryan is (somewhat) officially a member of our clan. Our tribe. Our little family. We are overjoyed to welcome him into this world!

It all started last tuesday morning, Valentine’s Day bright and early. We met up with Mandee and her sister at the hospital at 6am and got things rolling with her induction. 

Things moved slowly throughout the day, with an epidural coming to spare our hero a little pain, and by 6pm we were thinking that it might be a few more hours. *sigh* So her family along with Kevin and I were in the waiting room eating some Pizza Hut that we had delivered…when I got a text from Mandee: “Come on back, we’re ready!” 

Hearts racing…her little sister and I went back to the delivery room where she had progressed to a 10 over a short hour. It was roughly 7:15 or 7:30pm when Mandee started pushing. It was a beautiful and VERY fast final part of labor with Brandee (the sis) and me holding Mandee’s hands and probably shaking more than the birth mom herself! Mandee was such a champ. Seriously, I don’t feel like there is a better use for that word. She literally didn’t even break a sweat OR scream or even grunt!! . She made labor look like a walk in the park. It was crazy. Brandee and I left that experience feeling like “holy crap, I could do that!!”…and the nurses were like “umm…that is not. normal.” haha. 

I was bawling from the moment he came out…well, I tried to keep it under control because I knew there would be lots of pictures happening and I didn’t want Coleton thinking his mommy was a spaz later in life when he looks at the pics!! haha. But it was probably the most emotional experience of my life. I was overwhelmed with thanks toward Mandee and her ridiculous strength and selflessness. I was flooded with love toward this little child…the most beautiful child I have ever seen or held! I felt like God had given us such a gift to experience the love of a parent for this baby child that we had never met…or carried…or created.

We felt the nearness of God as we experienced a glimpse of his agape love, feeling like we would already give our lives for this little six-pound baby boy.

Today is a really special day for us because Coleton Samuel Ryan is (except for some legal proceedings that will last all they way until 6 months) an official part of our family. We feel so much peace about the whole situation, and we feel like the “waiting on the Lord” has been worth it. All the heartbreak over the last 25 months….loss after loss…tears and pain….Sorrow has finally been turned to joy. Weeping and wailing…into dancing and song. There is nothing like it.

Psalm 130:11-12

11 You turned my wailing into dancing;

you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,

12 that my heart may sing to you and not be silent.

O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever.

 We give all the praise and glory to God the Father of the universe for creating his precious child in his beautiful mommy’s womb. For softening her heart and giving her a strength that only He could give for her to make such a selfless decision. We love her and will hold a special place in our hearts for her forever. Unbridled gratitude is what our hearts feel toward God our perfect Father and toward Mandee…our sweet friend.

And no number of poopy diapers could take away this joy…even when they come 5 minutes after his bath. Even when they come 10 times each day…hehe. 

No number of night feedings could take that joy away. God is our strength and our song, and our portion forever. 

Thank you guys for praying, for supporting, and for covering us with love. Coleton Samuel has been so ridiculously worth the wait. 

(typos? Don’t judge me unless you yourself are only sleeping in 3 hour (max) spurts at a time. 🙂 heheImage

Baby Coleton is almost here!

Baby Coleton is almost here!

This adorable baby in the picture is NOT our baby, but we are getting some portraits taken of him very soon by a couple of photographers that we know and love!! This photo is from a photographer that will do Coleton’s infant photo shoot…(Amanda Williams from In your World Portraits) and a friend from church is coming to the hospital to take some family and group shots of the whole adoption process. (

We want to document the whole celebration of adoption that next week will be!

Okay, so I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about the newest addition to the Ryan family. I’m sure it has to do with lots of things…my crazy schedule, my usual distraction when it comes to the internet, or most likely it’s my fear of the unknown when it comes to adoption.

All I have to say in that regard is we are choosing not to walk in fear. God seems to have covered the whole situation and everyone involved with a BLANKET OF PEACE and Kevin and I are choosing to have faith that it will all go through 😉 Everything is progressing beautifully.

I’ve been attending doctor’s appointments with our wonderful birth momma and we are excited to announce that baby Coleton Samuel will (hopefully) be arriving on Valentine’s Day 2012!

Mandee is getting induced next Tuesday morning, (wow…4 days!) and I’m planning on staying with Mandee during the labor, to witness Coleton’s arrival into the world. Her whole entire family is incredibly supportive and will be at the hospital to celebrate this huge life event. We are going to be bringing a video camera to record Mandee’s family saying things to Coleton, whatever they want to say to him! We will show him the video when he is old enough to “get it.” He is going to be SO loved by SO many!! Open adoption is no longer scary to us. It’s exciting.

We have been praying and waiting on the Lord (Psalm 33:21-22), depending on Him as our source of strength and hope in this whole process. He is the only source that will NEVER FAIL US. We know his plans for us are good…and right now we are just praying for a safe and healthy labor and delivery for Mandee and Coleton. We are covering it all in prayer. We would love it if you would join us in prayer.

We are putting the finishing touches on the nursery. We are getting the carseats all ready to go.
We are assembling swings and strollers and jumpees 🙂
We are enjoying our last few days as just “married folk” but are eagerly looking forward to Tuesday when we will officially become “mommy” & “daddy.” Love it all.

We are SO INCREDIBLY BLESSED by the way you have all supported in prayer and friendship and baby clothes and gifts!! I feel like Coleton is one of the luckiest babies in the world because he has so many people loving on and praying for him even before he takes his first breath.

The next post will probably be pictures, and I promise I will be better at documenting!! Today is my last day officially “working” and starting next week I’ll be a full time momma (and part time Holy Yoga instructor 😉

(Apparently I won’t have all kinds of free time on my hands, as you all say, and I will want to sleep when he sleeps. But I am planning on letting the world meet our sweet baby via my blog…so…stay tuned!)

Until next time 😉