The worst storm of my life…

The worst storm of my life...

So the title of this blog is a lot deeper and more dramatic than the contents of this blog. However, In an effort to validate my extreme horror and despair yesterday on my commute from Wheaton to downtown Chicago, I write.

I drove from the city out to Elmhurst yesterday to have a lovely lunch with my sister on her break from teaching. The High School she teaches at is beautiful, and I had a great time. She gave me a beautiful purse and a hand-sewn eyemask filled with buckwheat to help me relax at the end of my yoga practices šŸ™‚

I then ventured through the lightly falling snow a couple suburbs west to Wheaton, beloved Wheaton. Wheaton is beautiful and is filled with nostalgia from my college days. I got to see my dear friend, Aubrey, and visit with her for a couple hours before I decided it would be a good idea to beat the inbound Friday night traffic and head back to our downtown hotel. It was snowing all day, but I didn’t realize how much the snow had picked up.

I proceeded to move at an average pace of 6 miles per hour, making a 24 mile commute 4 HOURS. It was literally the most hellish experience I have ever had. I was alone, angry, and claustrophobic…stuck on an expressway with no way out. Bumper to bumper, the whole entire way back to my hotel.

My adrenaline and stress mechanisms were in full force, and I arrived at the hotel frazzled and frustrated. To add to the horror of this trip, I lost a new earring and a glove.

I think God gave me this experience to teach me that I would never survive in Chicago, or any city for that matter. I simply don’t have the patience on the road. So I will gladly go back to my “small town” tomorrow, and smile when my snowy commute only takes a couple extra minutes.

I called my mom, whining and freaking out about how I shouldn’t have tried to drive or visit friends on such a snowy day …and she said something that really made sense. “Hindsight vision is always 20/20.” That helped me breathe and just let go. This is so true, isn’t it?

God, I know I asked for you to teach me patience…but really?!?

Here’s to praying for a better drive on our way home tomorrow…praying and begging. Don’t use driving to teach me patience tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “The worst storm of my life…

  1. This post completely takes me back to some not-so-rare commutes around Dallas/Fort Worth. Even though the QC isn’t “cool” it doesn’t stress me out. And I like that…alot! See you soon friend! We missed you last night (the first thing Austin said after he made the rounds saying hello to everyone was…”were are the Ryans at??”)

  2. Oh Darling Liv ~ I, too, have had many days/nights commuting in that awful Chicago weather. I can remember traveling home from work in Lansing, IL, a normal 45 minute commute downtown, and it took me 4.5 hours. I actually was concerned that I would run out of gas. I also realized at those moments, that there were serious advantages to NOT living in a big city. I love my home. And I love it when God talks to me! Even if it’s through the snow and my car šŸ˜‰

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