60 minutes with God.

Does that sound like a long time to you?

It did to me. I signed up anyway for an hour slot in the Holy Yoga prayer vigil, lifting up ONENESS and unity in the global church and devoting ourselves and our ministries in prayer. I followed a guide that we were given as a resource. It broke the hour up into 12  5-minute sections.

It rocked my world. I signed up at 5am to get my butt committed to getting out of bed, and let me tell you…I have never loved 5am so much. That sounds sarcastic, but it’s not! I literally thought I wouldn’t be able to do it (ADD, fall asleep, start doing chores…) but I filled up my hour and even went over by a little bit. God is so gracious. I have been praying for that hour all week, that I would be able to focus and hear from God. The best part was that I had this big chunk of TIME blocked out in my life for God. I didn’t feel rushed. I felt calm and loved and peaceful. I wanted to share some of my insights…it was an emotional hour. One of the best times I have ever spent with God. So new and fresh, and I feel absolutely called to do it again. And again…

I’ll take you through the different “sections” of prayer, and share what I felt God speaking to me. For more details on how this works, read the QC Breathe Blog from yesterday.

1. Praise and Worship 

I didn’t feel like singing at 5am, but I listened to “I breathe you in, God.” by Brian and Katie Torwalt. Not available on Spotify…but it is on itunes. I sat in child’s pose and just entered in. The lyrics that spoke to me I journaled, “When I don’t understand, I will choose you.” Already crying. First 5 minutes. (this line stuck out to me because I don’t understand God, in good ways and some in confusing ways, but I trust and know that He is good.)

2. Waiting on the Lord 

This scripture came to me , “The Lord is wonderfully good to those who wait for him. To those who rely on his unfailing love.” -Lamentations 3:25

3. Confession 

Need I say more? Humbling=5 minutes of uninterrupted confession and repentance. Turning away from my sin.

4. Praying Scripture 

Meditated on Lamentation 3:25, read aloud Psalm 68, “The righteous have reason to be GLAD before the Lord.” Happy and Joyful are his people in salvation.

5. Watching 6. Intercession 7. Petitions

“Devote yourselves in prayer, being watchful and thankful.” -Col 4:2

Just praying for what God brings into my mind and heart. Interceeding on behalf of others. Praying for the desires of my heart. Crying out to God. Pleading for the nations. Begging for God to call the lost to Himself.

8. Thanksgiving 

SO much to be thankful for.

9. Song 

I was running behind…so I didn’t go back and listen to another song. It was still too early to sing. 🙂

10. Meditation 

Meditation meaning “reflect on a section of scripture more deeply.” Sit and think about it. Let it sink in. I meditated on the creation and the fall. It was black outside still, and I thought of God creating light out of the deepest darkness. I meditated on the creation of animals, man and woman. Then I thought through the fall, and how it must have hurt God so deeply. We aren’t the only ones who have been hurt and betrayed. Yet God still provided for his children.

11. Listening 

Sitting in silence and listening for God’s voice. This was my favorite part. I heard him saying, “Do not fear. I will give you children. You are alive in me-walk in that alive-ness. Your children are safe. I am enough for them. I love you. Thank you for drawing near to me this morning.”

I didn’t audibly hear God, but I wrote those things down as they came into my mind. I was weeping, and it was a really precious time.

12. Praise 

 I just ended with a prayer of thanks, and a strong amen…wanting to come back for more soon.
I would challenge you to an hour of prayer. It’s WAY WAY WAY easier than you would think. It’s so cool. Jesus often withdrew to pray alone…even through the night. Jesus wept. I want to be like Jesus.

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