A little 2012 Planning Retreat!

A little 2012 Planning Retreat!

Call us dorky, but we like planning.

A couple nights ago we stayed at a local OLD hotel. (and by local I mean we could have literally walked there from our house if it wasn’t 30 degrees outside. =)

We bought a deal from the QC times half-off website and then paid an additional 10 dollars to get a suite! So that staircase leads up to the bedroom and then there is a sweet fire place that we kept burning pretty much the whole time we were awake!

The planning mostly consisted of planning our 2012 vacation (we decided on Breckenridge CO), planning our finances, and then setting out and reviewing our goals.

I know we don’t have kids yet, so you may think we’re crazy. But occasionally it’s nice to put yourself in a different environment…especially one that doesn’t have dishes and laundry screaming to be washed and put away. Word?

Here’s to a great 2012, friends. I am so thankful to have you in my life. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement throughout the difficult last couple years. Here’s to a year that, God willing, will be the best yet. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “A little 2012 Planning Retreat!

  1. Hey Girl! That sounds so awesome! I actually try to go to a coffee shop once a week to remove myself from the day to day house things and work on the internet. It is such a great way to get away! Good for you guys! P.S. From your last blog, I’m curious about your 2x/month shopping trips? LOL! 🙂 Miss ya! It’s almost our birthdays! 🙂

  2. Word. Staying somewhere that’s not home for a night or two makes you focus on each other because there’s so much less to do! I think it’s an important habit for married couples to get in to so I don’t think you’re crazy at all. Way to go!

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