Shopping…my new nightmare? new nightmare?

I never would have thought that this day would come so early in my life. The day I would say that I. hate. shopping.

The reality of the matter is that I don’t hate every kind of shopping, and I absolutley don’t hate the effects of shopping (getting things for other people or coming home with nice things), but the fight I put up at the mall yesterday drove me to the conclusion that I really do hate the actual act of shopping.

I hate waiting in line for someone to go get me the size of shoes that I need. I especially hate waiting in line to check out. (Shopping after Christmas=people returning loads and loads of…stuff.) I feel like no matter how fast I walk and how hard I shop the sale racks, my time and money get sucked into a black hole. Not only does my time and money go away way too fast, but shopping inevitable surrounds me with frustrated and impatient people. These types of people are ENERGY VAMPIRES, and not my fav crowd. I hate the materialism that I don’t want to buy into but inevitably do when I’m at the mall. I feel like such an American…glutenous and envious and I’m not proud of it. Boo.

Between all the holiday parties, Christmas cards, and presents, I have been in and out of at least 40 stores in the last month. Craft stores, grocery stores, office stores, department stores, specialty stores, etc. etc. I feel a little exhausted from all of the holiday madness. I love giving and getting gifts, I love seeing family, and I love spending Christmas money. But I think I’m done shopping for awhile. YAYY!!

I’m sure there will be a day in a couple months where maybe I’m ready to shop again. (And it will be for our baby…he is due Feb 19th!!) But I am trying to cultivate in my heart contentedness, and running the opposite way of the mall is a great help in this venture.

As for groceries and such…I have figured out a way to only go to the store a couple quick times a month. I will tell you about that next time. =) It’s fantastic.

Happy New Years…and happy resolutions! Mine is to shop less and love more. Thank you God. =)

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