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Sharing Life: Streams in the Desert

Hey long lost friends, I was doing so well and then I take 5 weeks off of blogging. What was I thinking?

Well, quite a bit of craziness has gone on in our lives in the last month and a half. Some REALLY bad craziness, some REALLY good craziness. I feel more than ever like my life is a roller coaster…one that only the crazies would ride on. I doubt there would be a line for this roller coaster. I do feel like I have an excuse for not blogging, but I like to make excuses for myself. I SO do not want to live selfishly and as if I am entitled just because I have recently dealt with some major pain. I want to share my life...

AND, since it is Thanksgiving week, I would like to share my JOY and our GOOD NEWS with you because it is the best news, and I am ready to share it! (And perhaps someday soon I will dive into the murky-ness of my life and share my questions and struggles with you…seeking truth and comfort…as Kev and I have been doing for the last couple weeks.)

Okay, so here it is: Our friend, Mandee, is going to be adopting her little baby boy to us!!!! (insert: Whoops and hollers, and obviously “Praise the Lord!’s) I got to go with her to the 20 week ultrasound and see the little pee-pee sticking up! So we know it’s definitely a boy, which is GREAT because the other baby we were about to adopt was a lots of our things are boy-ish!

Here are the facts:

1. Mandee is our friend! (how cool is that?!) We hadn’t seen her in a year or two, but she had been following our journey and knew that we have been praying for a child for a long time. She knows that we love kids, and she thinks we would make great parents. ;o)  It is the highest compliment we could ever receive that someone would entrust the life of their child to us. We are so grateful to Mandee for coming to us to ask if we would adopt her child. We are beyond thrilled.

2. The baby is due February 19th! (We’re hoping for Valentine’s Day!) I will be present for the birth, along with Mandee’s mom! Kev will be waiting at the hospital. I know this day will change our lives forever…and everyone has been saying that time will fly, but I have to be honest, I feel ready today 🙂 The last two years have felt very long, and although there will obviously be things we cannot possibly prepare for, we feel VERY excited and ready!!

3. It is going to be an OPEN adoption, meaning we will hang out with Mandee and her 5 year old daughter periodically and our sweet little boy will KNOW that she is the special Person that God used to bring him into our family. We think adoption is so beautiful and nothing to be afraid of. SO many of you have shared your adoption stories or stories of YOU being adopted , and we feel so blessed to have you in our lives, confirming that adoption can be such a beautiful picture of love.  We are confident that God’s hand is on everyone and the relationships involved. We literally couldn’t be more excited about an open adoption. We have some friends who have recently done an open adoption with TWINS, and they have been a huge source of encouragement and wisdom!

4. We have had the hope of a few babies in the last two years, each situation ending in a birthmom changing her mind or a miscarriage. Therefore, I know that some of you may think that I shouldn’t share this news because the plan could still change. Honestly, I am so tempted to live in fear of this, which is why this adoption plan hasn’t been shared yet on the blog. (even though we started planning over 6 weeks ago!) BUT, here’s the deal. We are excited! (such an understatement). Right now, this is A MAJOR source of JOY and THANKFULNESS and LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL for us. How can I not share that? It is my life. It is where we are today. Tomorrow? February? Only God knows, but we are choosing to trust and have faith about this!

5.  Mandee, Kevin, and I feel like this is a beautiful plan that God put together. We are all excited for what the future holds, and to see our friendship deepen over the years. BAHHH! sodia;lskdfjo;iweur HERTOIUVSO:IJO:IEUNE:SKIR!!!! If I could speak my excitement about this adoption in another language, maybe that would describe it better!! Words can’t explain. God is good.

Let me just say: This journey, if you know us, has not been rainbows and butterflies. It is very difficult right now for me to type out “God is GOOD” and leave it sitting there on the screen. There are some areas in my life that I don’t UNDERSTAND why he has not intervened. We were up until midnight last night (not my husband’s favorite option…but he was there for me) as we WRESTLED deep down in our souls with our MYSTERIOUS God, whose plan we OFTEN do not understand.

But through writing this, I feel led to read Isaiah 43: (the whole thing is amazing, you should read it)

v 1-3 “But now, this is what the LORD says-

he who created you, O Jacob,

he who formed you, O Israel:

“Fear NOT, for I have redeemed you;

I have summoned you by name; you are mine.

When you pass through the waters,

I will be with you.

And when you pass through the rivers,

they will not sweep over you.

When you walk through the fire,

you will not be burned.

the flames will not set you ablaze.

For I am the LORD your God,

The Holy one of Israel, your SAVIOR.


“Forget the former things;

do not dwell on the past.

See, I am doing a new thing!

Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the desert

and streams in the wasteland.”

Oh Bible…oh Jesus, I am so sorry for doubting your ability to pierce my heart with your truth. Thank you for the cross, for truth, for choosing to redeem such a wretched soul as me.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I am so thankful for you.