Thank-you Walk

Psalm 86:15, “But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.”

Kevin and I have been enjoying this weather SO SO SO MUCH! Sunday was probably the best day we have ever had together! 

We got up early…..

      Got ready for church……

             Went to a coffee shop to eat some French Caramel Apple Crunch crepes……

                     He had some coffee and I had some tea……

                              We STILL had time to spare before 11am church, so we decided to take our            beloved doggie, Scotch, on a walk!

Since I am crazy like to do corny things like this, I instituted the THANK YOU WALK!

We took turns saying things we were thankful for. (It got a little crazy at times but) it went a little somethin like this:

“I’m thankful for beautiful days” -Me

“I’m thankful for funny movies” -Kev

I’m thankful that marriage is forever.” Me

“I’m thankful for bodies that can be active.” -Kevvie

“I’m thankful for music.” -Me

“I’m thankful for Scotch” (our doggie’s name, not the drink)-Kev

“I’m thankful for our trip to Europe earlier this year.” -Me

“I’m thankful for America” (that was KEV!! I was so impressed, because I’m usually the patriotic freak…;) 

“I am thankful for all of our missionary and ministry friends” -me

“I’m thankful for cows so we can eat steak” -Kev

“Nasty, but okay. I will try not to be mean. =) I am thankful for our Salvation in Jesus” -Me

(Laughing and talking about how embarrassing and weird it is that this wasn’t the first thing out of our mouths.)  

“I’m thankful for music… -Kev

“I already said that, babe…no repeats….” -me

“Okay, I’m thankful for books….” -Kev

This went on for half an hour!! We were laughing and in such a good mood when we got back home to hop in the car and go to church.

Walks in the fall are delicious in and of themselves, but add in talking about things you’re thankful for and you feel like the richest person in the world when you’re done. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! This is a perfect week too…80 and sunny…doesn’t get much better…

Now I’m off to babysit…oh, and wish me luck. I just applied at Chick Fil A for a part time job, haha. Eat mor’ chick’n. 😉

PS. THEN, to make Sunday even more GLORIOUS…something miraculous happened. Much to glorious to squeeze into a PS. You’ll just have to wait and see 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thank-you Walk

  1. I love corny things too! I’m always the one who institutes conversations like “What are your top 5 memories of our marriage?” or “What have been the 3 hardest things about this year?” I’m definitely going to insist on a thank-you walk sometime soon, that’s such a great idea.

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