Adoption Update!

So for those of you who were following our adoption blog and haven't received 
an update since the blog was blocked, here it is! 

Our birth momma is due on September 23rd. She may be enduced on September 
16th (11 days) because of a small blood complication that the docs would want to monitor. 

Another big update is that "birthmom" is back with her boyfriend, and we 
will get to meet him this Thursday! He is in support of the adoption plan, 
and they are going to counseling together.(for the past abuse problems.) 
They are both living at his parents' house. His parents are not in support of 
the adoption plan, but we are praying that they will somehow change their minds. 
At this point, she will have a Private Hospital room where only a few of us can visit! 
(72 hours at the hospital until they would release parental rights to us.) 

I've been working (nesting) hard on our newly made guest room as well as the baby room.
 Amanda Dean is coming this Wednesday to paint an AMAZING tree/monkey/bird mural on the wall.
 It's gonna be adorab. 

Close friends are throwing us a shower this weekend, and we feel so blessed. 
Praying for favor. Praying that this adoption goes through. God is good, and he knows what baby he has for us! We are just praying it's this
 little boy :) 

PS. On the note of prayer, heard an AMAZING SERMON by JD Greear on prayer 
this morning on my run. It rocked me.

5 thoughts on “Adoption Update!

  1. praying a ton for you guys! so excited for you!
    btw, how do you know JD? he’s the pastor where my family went for awhile! his sermons are amazing!

  2. Olivia,
    Reading this was such a pleasure! Sooo excited for you and Kevin, soooo excited to meet your little guy, and soooo excited about what God is doing in your hearts through this whole crazy process. We love you and are with you!!!!!! Much love to you.

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